Koop M8 Oil Spray

1. Rapeseed Oil (High Quality Food Grade, NZ grown cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil)
2. Allicin – Garlic Essential Oil

Why is Oil used in the war against Red mite?

Oils work solely by ‘Mechanical’ means. The oil coats the insect or mite and floods their breathing pores & spiracles. This blocks the breathing process.

The result is physical suffocation of the organism by directly impeding gas exchange.

It has been noted in oversea’s studies that oil’s have been shown to be effective against multiple life stages of the mite, including eggs.

  • (pmra.publications@hc-sc.ca healthcanada,gc.ca/pmra )

We have also added Garlic Essential oil to the mix solely for its aroma.

The added Garlic derived Essential Oil is showing itself to be an exciting new weapon in the war against pests. Naturopaths have long praised the attributes of garlic and its natural ability to keep pests at bay with its unique smell. New trials have shown promising results when Garlic has been added into laying poultry feeds. It was noted the chickens fed the Garlic added feed (vs the group of placebo chickens on normal feed ) had a lower count of poultry red mites in the cages & on the birds. And I know what you are thinking…. no, the garlic does not taint the eggs with taste or smell!. The birds emminate the smell of garlic from their skin pores which seems to be the key of success. Read more via this link….


See live red mites in the video below if you are unsure of size and what they look like:

Due to the effect of the oil itself coming into direct contact with the mites & causing direct suffocation, obtaining any natural resistance to the oil is near on impossible for the mites.

We noticed during  ‘In Vitro’ testing here on site initially, that the red mites do not like the spray oil and will recoil from it (see below).

This means the best effect from using the spray oil is to make sure there is always some present in your coop where it needs to be, hence the weekly applications.

We have trialed this oil type for over two years now on our own 15 coops and a select few clients have trialed it for us in their own coops. We have struggled to find red mites when the application frequency is followed. The key is to apply frequently and thereby halting any population explosion from being able to occur.

Clients that have trialed this have had great results over the last two years also and have returned time and time again for more oil.


I bought Koop M8 Oil from The Chook Shed when I first bought my pullets, who are now two years old. I spray the perches and nesting boxes every week or so and have never had red mites or, in fact, any appearance of other pests (eg lice, ants or flies)! I cannot recommend the Koop M8 Oil highly enough.

My chickens are happy and healthy. They have had no health problems at all. Other people I know locally who don’t use the Koop M8 Oil have had chickens die from red mite infestations, which saddens me as it seems totally preventable with this oil. The Koop M8 oil has truly been a lifesaver for my chooks. It is easy to apply (just sprays on) and even smells nice!. This oil is a must if you have chickens.

Heidi G (Christchurch)

Directions for Use:

Always best to start off with a cleaned out coop. Removing faecal matter and dust on a regular basis will help to reduce the living and breeding material available for red mites. They love dust and poop!

If any mites are found, give them a good spray with Koop M8 oil and soak any areas where the red mite colony may be living and breeding such as at the end of a perch rail or around a nest box.

You can clean the area if required using ‘Bio Zyme  Enzymatic wash’ and water to wash out.

Let the area dry after washing out and respray with Koop M8 Oil right around the jointed areas that are near to any chook’s. Follow this up with a good puff of Koop M8 powder so you have a good residual powder in place making it hard for mites to re-establish. (remember to wear a mask & to make all applications while the chickens are out of the coop area)

Then weekly, spray liberally over the perch rails and in the nest boxes paying particular attention to any cracks and crevices. Make sure you spray underneath the perch rails as the mites use this to move along freely between birds at night at a faster pace. (See the information page on how to set up your coop for success)

Note: because of the weak acid content in the oils, rubber seals can be damaged if in contact with the oil for prolonged periods. This is why we use a high quality heavy duty sprayer unit with resistant Viton seals. Please re-use the sprayer and purchase a refill after initial use.

1. 1lt of Spray Oil: Supplied in a chemically resistant, high quality sprayer. $45.90
2. 1lt Refill pack – $39.90
3. 5lt Refill pack – $155.00

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