Ceramic Heat lamp – 60W High Quality


Heavy duty ceramic lamp. These emit only heat – no light. Constant light stresses chicks. They need to follow natural day-length to grow properly. We have tried cheap lamps and they burn out quickly in our experience. Quality is always worth it in the end.

The wattage of your lamp depends on your situation and the ambient temperature surrounding the chicks. If nights are colder still, you will need something they can keep warm under… possibly too hot in the day but might be perfect when cools off at night. Look at your chicks behaviour.

Go out and check once dark…if they are asleep in a ring around the lamp it is hot enough and comfortable. If they are all huddled together under the lamp it is not hot enough. Often this can lead to deaths as they smother each other to try and stay warm.

Chicks cannot regulate their own temperature for near on the first three weeks of life so it is important to get this right.

Always have spares on hand and a backup heat lamp is always a good idea in case one fails during the night.

A possible power outage is another thing to think about also…



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