Poultry Drinker Tank-stand 25lt Zinc


Big drinker for larger numbers of poultry

Screw top with handle incorporated for easy movement.

Easy and quick to fill.

Zinc tank for longer lifespan. Helps to keep algal growth and heat at bay providing your chooks.

Ball plug posititoned at the end of the yellow spout seals the tube and water flow. Push this to the side to fill the black tray for drinking. The bowl will fill and the water flow them stops. ( make sure you screw the top on tight as a vacuum needs to form )

70cm tall with drinker tray approx 15 – 20cm off the ground to help keep clean.

PS – The tank pulls out from the leg stand. Beware of filling like this as it is tempting to rest the tank on the yellow spout. It is not designed to bear weight and will break!. Best to fill while sitting in frame. The ends of the legs do have holes in them so you can add plywood platform feet for the tank stand to rest on.

25 lt capacity is great if you are heading away for the weekend etc!

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