Gallus gallus domesticus...The Humble Chicken..

What a clever little lady she is...

One of the most successful, adaptable and prolific production animals on our planet. The nutrition she provides to feed the masses is truely an amazing thing.

And the best bit is, you can experience the awesomeness of the chicken in your own backyard!.

At ‘The Chook Shed’ we appreciate this little fluff ball so we have decided to help you set her up for success in your own backyard.  It definitely helps to know a few things about nutrition, feeding & supplements to be able to keep your girls healthy & your flock productive.

Check out our great products which can help keep your girls nutrient levels up & your hens happy.

 After some essential poultry care tips? Read our FAQs

Koop M8 Powder

Dermanyssus gallinae. The bain of many a poultry keepers life…and it’s huge negative impact on your chooks. Meet our  product – Poultry M8 Powder – Safety first!  Lets create a solely mechanical barrier for the red mites which makes travel difficult in your coop.    Biozyme Enzymatic Cleaner (Made in NZ) is a fabulous way to clean your coop before letting it dry & then using Koop M8 powder.

Poultry M8 Mix

At certain times of the year your hens require a bit more help to maintain good health.  Check out our Poultry M8 Treat Mix. Bursting with over 20 ingredients including a great mix of their favourite grains, herbs, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to give your chicken’s a nutritious boost. Great when moulting, brooding, breeding, sick, recovering or just keeping up with the demands of laying.

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