Koop M8 Powder – Red Mite Powder ( Direct Mechanical Effect Only )


Red Mites are highly adaptive. Research has noted observing that a small percentage of Red Mites survive when chemicals are used and the next season the newly emerging mites seem to be resistant to the same product. This led us to formulating this clever powder mix.  Our powder mix provides a great residual powder coating that creates a solely mechanical barrier to mite travel in your coop.  This means there is no chance of resistance developing to the product and it is safe for use around your coop on an ongoing basis with no nasty residues present around your chickens or eggs.

As an adjunct to our powder we have also added food grade Allicin Sativum ( Garlic powder ). It has been noted by poultry fanciers over the world that pests do not like the smell of garlic. This may well act as a natural repellent for pests including red mites. Some keepers swear they do not have mites since they started using the Garlic. Studies show a positive result in laying poultry fed diets including garlic resulting in a notable reduction in red mite numbers found in these birds housing vs non-garlic fed poultry.

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A mix of Sodium Bicarbonate & Diatomaceous Earth.

These powders are both sourced from Human Food Grade suppliers in New Zealand.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate – Food grade – Acts as a desiccant, dehydrator and helps to keep your powder in powder form without it becoming wet & ‘clogged’ in the container. The powder clogs up the mites mouth parts causing a frothing effect in turn making feeding very difficult. This works by a directly mechanical means on the mouthpart’s and is not relying on a chemical effect.


  • Diatomaceous Earth – Naturally occurring fossilized algal diatoms. A great anti-caking agent.  The D.E used in our Koop M8 powder is high quality food grade Diatomaceous Earth. This is sourced from D.E.N.Z – Diatomaceous Earth New Zealand. DE is fossilized algal diatoms. These diatoms are sharp forms of silica. The mites as they walk through the powder are scratched on the outer exoskeleton. This damage leads to dehydration and death of the mite within 12 hours. Obviously most effective on adult mites. Solely mechanical abrasion versus any chemical effect.


  • The beauty of these products is the inability of the mite to form any sort of resistance to the mix. This product can be used year after year with no ongoing concerns unlike other chemical based mite kill methods on the market that are also potentially toxic.

Garlic powder has been added for its unique aroma. Insects have historically been shown to not like the smell of garlic and tend to be repelled from it. It provides a strong pungent odour. Food grade garlic powder is used.


  • Precautions while using the product – As with any powder or fine particles it is not advisable to breathe in the powder or puff around while your chickens are in situ. Please wear a mask when applying the powder to your coop & also use when birds are outside the area for the day. If you are working in a very small coop area and cannot remove your birds for any length of time, you can mix the powder with a little water to make into a paste and paint on the desired areas using a paintbrush. This will dry white and leave a nice powdery residue on all areas including the underneath of the perch rail.

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