Scaly Leg Oil – Triple oil Mix


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Scaly leg is caused by a small mite called Knemidocoptes mutans. Carried by wild birds, rodents etc.  This mite lives on the ground and is often found in the chook coop flooring. It likes damp conditions. It burrows under the scales of the birds legs and feet where it causes great discomfort. It spreads from bird to bird when roosting occurs. ( Use our Koop M8 Spray on your perch rails to help provide an oily barrier to spread. Koop M8 powder gives a lasting layer of defense to all mites with an exoskeleton )

A light oil is a great way to suffocate the mites between the leg scales. Use of a thick vaseline or thick oil will not penetrate easily into the scale bed area.

Spray the leg and then rub upwards gently to aid penetration into the top of the scale beds. If the legs are badly affected, do this very gently and go with more frequent applications. Some birds will also require anti-parasitic treatment usually able to be obtained from farm vets. If no great improvement is noted after 8 weeks or the bird is very lame and badly affected, please seek medical care from your veterinarian.

Do not expect miracles with any treatment straight away as improvement takes time. The scale bed is often damaged and this can take years or sometimes never fully recover after severe damage has occurred.

The spray is Rice Bran oil ( A very light oil ), Eucalyptus essential oil, Clove Essential oil. These oils have shown good effects against mites in clinical studies previously.

250ml Spray unit.



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