Koop M8 Oil – Wood Preservative for your coop – 1Lt Spray Unit Starter Pack


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Koop M8 Oil is Canola/Rapeseed oil.

It is sourced from recycling ‘chip shop used’ oil, which is then cleaned/processed through a trans-esterification cycle producing Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (Fame).

We use this oil as a wood preservative for our wood coops.

The oil has a NIL H.S.N.O Hazards rating and is considered to be in the Non Hazardous classification category which is awesome!, but do not throw into waterways as any oils are not great for aquatic life.

It is great to apply around nestboxes and perch rails. Do this when the chooks are out for the day ideally. We have added some essential oils for fragrance to the oil. Cloves and Eucalyptus oil are added. Use of the oil gives the wood a good sticky base for the Koop M8 powder to be applied over the top. The powder, if applied to bare wood, soon falls off or wears off with the chickens movements. If the oil is applied first and then the powder, it makes are great residual product that stays in place and doesn’t wear off around the sides and under the perches which is where the mites like to run from bird to bird.

We love that this oil is recycled as well so we are helping reduce waste in the environment.

The two products work very well together and we strongly advise to use both if your are worried about keeping your powder in place so it can work as a preventative for Red Mite infestations.

Available in 1lt Chemically Resistant Viton seals spray bottle

1lt refill pack

5 lt refill pack


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