Mite Indicator Tool for the Coop



A great wee tool to help alert you to the presence of red mite in your coop area.

Early warning of a pending infestation is essential to getting things under control fast before you have a major problem on your hands and birds are affected.

Easy to attach to the the perch rail or near the end of the perch rail. ( The mites set up colonies as near to the birds as they can to make feeding easier so usually where the perch meets the coop wall is a great place ).

How it works – the dowel is covered in clear heavy duty pipe. The dowel itself has a small track cut into one side that is a perfect hiding place for mites to live in. When attaching the tool to the coop, make sure you leave enough play in the clip to make it easy enough to remove the pipe area by hand to be able to pull out and check at regular intervals for the presence of red mites. Easy!


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