Oyster Grit Dispenser


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Awesome oyster grit dispenser for attachment in your run or coop area.

Essential for any coop setup.

1.5 – 2kg capacity

Dimensions: 16cm x 15cm x 25cm

Galvanized steel & Glass Nylon components – Quality and it lasts in our harsh NZ sun!

Made in Holland

Sturdy and easy for hens to use and humans to fill

Importantly keeps your oyster grit clean and dry.

Stops the hens tipping the container over.

TIP: Hens hate wet grit! They love the salt in the grit and if this is washed off they are less likely to eat it.

Also use FINE grit in the dispenser, not coarse grit as the hens find the coarse grit harder to eat and often will pick through for the little pieces but leave the rest.





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